Smokin' In The Boys Room (Demo) Lyrics

Måns Zelmerlöw Lyrics Smokin' In The Boys Room (Demo)

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Smokin' In The Boys Room (Demo)

by Måns Zelmerlöw. Buy album CD: Melodifestivalen 2007

Sittin' in the classroom thinkin' it's a drag
Listening to the teacher rap-just ain't my bag
When two bells ring you know it's my cue
Gonna meet the boys on floor number 2
Smokin' in the boys room
Smokin' in the boys room
Teacher don't you fill me up with your rules
Everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school
Checkin' out the halls makin sure the coast is clear
Lookin' in the stalls-nah, there ain't nobody here
My buddies Sixx, Mick & Tom
To get caught would surely be the death of us all
Smokin' in the boys room
Smokin' in the boys room
Teacher don't you fill me up with your rules
Everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school Put me to work the school
book store
Check-out counter and I got bored
Teacher was lookin' for me all around
Two hours later you know where I was found
Smokin' in the boys room
Smokin' in the boys room
Teacher don't you fill me up with your rules
Everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school
Smokin' in the boys room
Smokin' in the boys room
Smokin' in the boys room
Smokin' in the boys room
Teacher don't you fill me up with your rules
Everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school
One more time
Smokin' in the boys room
Smokin' in the boys room
Teacher don't you fill me up with your rules

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Album: Melodifestivalen 2007 (2007) Lyrics
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  204. Maritormes
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  207. Mägo De Oz
  208. Merry-Go-Round
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  211. Monsterous
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  213. Mood Ring
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  216. Nena
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  225. Outlaw
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  247. Rodeo
  248. Same Ol Situation
  249. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
  250. Santa Compaña
  251. Santo Grial
  252. Satania
  253. Save Our Souls
  254. Se Acabo
  255. Sehnsucht Kann Man Nicht Beschreiben
  256. Set Me Free
  257. Sex
  258. Sexo Y Religion
  259. She Goes Down
  260. She Needs Rock 'n' Roll
  261. Shout At The Devil
  262. Shout At The Devil '97
  263. Si Te Vas
  264. Sick Love Song
  265. Sinners & Saints
  266. Sister Of Pain
  267. Skylar's Song
  268. Slice Of Your Pie
  269. Smoke The Sky
  270. Smokin In The Boys Room
  271. Smokin' In The Boys Room (Demo)
  272. So Eine Steirische
  273. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  274. Sos-Same Ol Situation
  275. Starry Eyes
  276. Stick To Your Guns
  277. Sticky Sweet
  278. Street Fighting Man
  279. Sumthin' For Nuthin'
  280. T'esnucaré Contra'l Bidé
  281. T.n.t.
  282. T.N.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown)
  283. Take Me To The Top
  284. Teaser
  285. Tell Me Why
  286. Ten Seconds To Love
  287. The Crawl
  288. The Edge
  289. The Rift
  290. Time For Change
  291. Toast Of The Town
  292. Todo Irá Bien
  293. Tonight
  294. Tonight (We Need A Lover)
  295. Too Fast For Love
  296. Too Young To Fall In Love
  297. Too Young Too Fall In Love
  298. Treat Me Like The Dog I Am
  299. Tres Tristes Tigres
  300. Uncle Jack
  301. Use It Or Lose It
  302. Van A Rodar Cabezas
  303. Volaverunt Opus 666
  304. Welcome To The Numb
  305. White Punks On Dope
  306. Wild Side
  307. Without You
  308. Wreck Me
  309. Writing On The Wall
  310. Yankees Go Home
  311. You're All I Need
  312. You're Invited
  313. You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)


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