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Take No Shit (Feat. The Fedz & Bun B) Lyrics

Take No Shit (Feat. The Fedz & Bun B) by MJG  

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Take No Shit (Feat. The Fedz & Bun B) Feat. Bun B, The Fedz
All these niggas (Break that break)
Talkin' bout they know about pimpin'
They don't know what the hell they talkin' about
Ya know what I'm saying (Jack that trick)
Nigga, I got yo baby mama, in my nigga car
Giving me head shots (Break that bitch)
Get the head then I'm dippin', know what I'm saying (Jack that trick)
Now this goes out to all my niggas, stay fucked up
Suck my dick goes to you hoes that act stuck up
Thinking that I need you, I don't see the fuck how
I didn't need you before so why the fuck I need you now
See I ain't going primetime for nah freak trick
All you are is a piece of pussy and that's about it
Might make me a grip if you don't try to head trip
Spit the legit a bit plus I got the certificate
From Break-A-Bitch College, with the knowledge
My game be polish never tell em' bout the dollars
Keep em' in the dark and far from my heart
But make her play her part, that's what the game taught
So I can mack the millennium, from what I'm giving em'
Baby serve ya purpose so I'ma have to get rid of ya
Figure, she's a role rider, but I got wiser
And took no shit, shine that ho off like a visor
[Hook: The Fedz

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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