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Miss Saigon Lyrics This Is The Hour Form Miss Saigon

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This Is The Hour Form Miss Saigon

by Miss Saigon. Buy album CD: Other Songs B - W


Are you waiting for them to kill me
did you not get what he said?
there's a big screw loose inside you
I will rip it out of your head

that's a mad dog on the rampage
if you think he'll change save your breath
just say "yes" I don't care if you love him
princess, life has it all over death

I have a husband I love, real as the sun in the sky
I can not live with a lie

Do you see now who has power?
Do you still think crazy things?

Chris will come to me like a phoenix
and he'll take me off on his wings

You're a traitor to your country

If I am then let it be

Engineer, Kim and Thuy
I am talking of life or death now
I am talking of staying free

So there it is now
It's time to move on
If you don't need me, I'd rather be gone
Two kids in love don't need strangers around

You Just Get Out!

Right! I wont make a sound

And As for you! Come With Me!


There is a secret
that you don't know
there is a force here
I never show
you say its treason
to keep my vows
season after season
I survive, somehow
if you want the reason
I will show you know

Look Thuy, this is my son
he has kept me alive
now you see why
I Must Tell You NO!

No one must ever see
this thing your showing me
that bastard fouls our name

My baby's not to blame
for what I've done

You must decide upon which side you're really on
You whored to make this kid

That isn't what I did
Don't touch my son!

You must see how it is
When you're my wife
having that child of his
brands us for life
No alternative
This Child Cannot Live

You will not touch him
Don't touch my boy
He's what I live for
He's my only joy

You will not touch him

He is my enemy
It's he turns you from me

Don't touch my boy

Erase him from your life, even your memories

He's what I live for

He's one drop in a flood, left here to taint our blood

He's my only joy

Our marriage bond was sworn, forget that he was born

Don't touch my little boy!

Of course you have a gun
And now you'll shoot your cousin'

And do not test my will

and it's a US gun, a gun that lost the war.

I'm warning you, For Him, I'll Kill

You're the corrupted one
Go on and shoot! Don't waite
To save your bastard son, you must not hesitate

The earth moves where I stand
I feel the turning of the wheel
I feel nothing in my hand not even the feel of steal
You will not take my child!

You dont' know how to kill

I have no other Choice! What I must do, I Will

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