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Sea Of Love Lyrics

Sea Of Love by Missing Persons  

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Sea Of Love Mistress of avalon cast a spell and let the mist draw
Down on me
Slumber in lavender and take the primrose path to the
Eternal sea
The dragons breath of shadowland
Resting on the waves and drifting across the sand

Maiden of lorelei, the sweetness of your song calls my
Ship across the blue
Treasure rests upon your shore the seagulls cry for
Sailors lost on their voyage to you
Harbour lies in your embrace
And my ship sets sail for that resting place
A ship of dreams on the sea of love
And if wishes are stallions
Then kisses are galleons
And dreamers sail on the sea of love
On the sea of love

Angel of evermore my saviour from the heavens above
With healing in your wings
The beauty of the melting snow the perfume of the
Mountain flower springtime brings
The ocean wave on desert shores
The coast the ship of dreams explore
Dreamers sail on the sea of love
On the sea of love

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music