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Tight buddie Lyrics

Tight buddie by Misc  

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Tight buddie Buddie
You think this buddie sh*ts a f**king game?
(You think this buddis sh*ts a f**king game)
Look at me, they call me buddie
dont laugh b**ch it aint funny.
My lyrics aint bad or cruddy
so you get back you kinda chubby.

Look Im smokin reffa
sittin in my creepa creepa
you like this sh*t buddie.
Somethin bout sh*t we throwin a party.

Blood of my blood
but buddie is my buddie
Buddie is us and we are them
we're gonna buy us
some brand new kinda shiny rims
for a dolla twenty-five (or somethin like that)
cuz we're poor and we cant afford the new ones
so just go and buy some

(yea buddie, yea buddie)

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