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Why We Love Lyrics

Why We Love by Mindy McCready  

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Why We Love We cry through the night without being starved

And goodbyes come like a knife to the heart

One tender kiss can drive out the dark

I guess that's why we love

We seem to forever fall apart at the seams

What we thought was real was only a dream

One gentle touch can wash us clean

So i guess that's why we love

A heart may break, but it keeps on beating

We may lose, but we keep on believing

That we'll find that hand that fits like a glove

So i guess that's why we love

We've clung like a fool to an obvious lie

We've witnessed the truth and wished we were blind

But we'd do it again just to feel so alive

I guess that's why we love

Oh, to hold someone close and feel so alive

Yes, that's why we love

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