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Who Is The Saint Now? (Acoustic) Lyrics

Who Is The Saint Now? (Acoustic) by Mighty Mohawk Man  

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Who Is The Saint Now? (Acoustic) Children, look around your classrooms, tell me
Who is the Saint now? (x2)
I tried watching the TV, but he's nowhere to be seen

Children, looking at your parents, tell me
Who is their savior? (x2)
Money, circumstance, or substance, it could be all three
Why should I clean up my house, I can turn off the lights Who can I count on now when I get into fights Why should I have to be more than I have to be Isn't that why the Office let the Saint go free (x4)

Politicians in your office, look around
Where is your Saint now? (x2)
I saw it on TV, an apocalypse of dreams

Politicians in The Office, look around
Who is your savior? (x2)
The levers keep on moving and that's all you need

(One, two, look around, it's as easy as it sounds...)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music