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Method Man Lyrics Hit ’em high

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Hit ’em high

by Method Man. Buy album CD: Other Songs EVI - T

Greetings, earthlings
We have now taken over your radioooo.....


Goin' straight through the hole
You ain't got no game
I'm breakin' ya out the frame
Coming through like a train
Looking to take over the world is my goal
With my unstoppable crew takin' all control
You can't get none of this, we're runnin' this
Well taker, earth shaker, 3 point gunnin' this
Get out the lane, I'm comin' through
And if you don't wanna move then I'm comin' right through you


It's like inch by inch and step by step
I'm closing in on your position and destruction is my mission
Though eight is not enough, your whole squad better duck
It's like switch when I bust
Now you're whole crew is dust
Comin' through my area, i'ma have to bury ya
The real scream team on your scream scene
It's like showdown on the range

Go tell me who wanna tangle with the
Ghetto witch-doctor neighborhood superhero?


We want it all (want it all!)
Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!)
You can't take none of this hardcore (hardcore!)
In the game we take you to war (war!)
You ain't seen nothin' like this before
If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high
And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low
If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high
And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low

(method man)
Insane like a runaway train I'm in your lane
Like it's only 3 seconds to score to win the game
Came to bring the ultimate pain upon the brain
Untamed, you won't like it when I change
And you are type strange
Make room, manaical monster in the game
And I got my eye on you
Deadshot aim, as free throws keep comin' down like rain
You feelin' me, I'm feelin' you
The monstar again, I'm tellin' you
Pass me the rock, now I'm headed to the basket
Get up out my way is what you better do
My tactics is unsportsmanlike conduct
You better ask it
Don't get no better than this, you catch my drift?
You get stripped by ballhandlers ruled by swackhammer
Danger, you're dealin' with offical hoop-bangers
With hang time like a coat hanger
Jump, with thunderous 360-degree type dunks
What up doc? the monstar funk

(ll cool j)

Lightning strikes and the court lights get dim
Supreme competition is about to begin
Above the rim, finessin' and moves is animated
Once I get to ballin', I can't be deflated
I'm rugged raw, my monstars is gettin' money
When clicks get to buggin', I'm snatchin' up their bunnies (uhh!)
Every step I take shakes the ground
I'll make you break your ankles, son, shakes you down
This is my planet, I'm bout business
The best that ever done it, can I get a witness? (uhhh!)
Cumulus clouds bring darkness up above
You in it for the money?
Or in it for the love, m.j.?
23 ways to make a pay
Loungin' in the mothership back around my way (uhh!)
I'm 28 light years old
If the refs get political, dribble like bob dole
Am I gettin' lyrical?
Daddy, I think so
Monstar droppin' flavor fluid so drink slow


(busta rhymes)

Yo, God bless!!
Pick up your chest
Here's an example of how I can stress your full court press
With finesse, I bench-press your stress whenever you test
We're speed ballin', on the fastbreak just like the pony express
I'm gonna mingle in your face and take the lid off
Just use your head and forfeit the game
You and your team just need to back off!!
Get off my block, gimmie the ball, I said it's my rock!!
I'm startin' a line-up by gettin' y'all to bring the livestock
Throw all your money in the pot
And make sure you bet all your money on my bank shot
When we come right through tell me what you really gonna do?
We'll leave your team name in shame and take your talent from you
While you abandon your ship, we take your championship
With nothing left for you to see except the instant replay clip
Money spending, goal tending, stay-bending teams like crash cars
Who do they be?
They be the monstars!!!!!!


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