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The First Impression Lyrics

The First Impression by Metakix  

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The First Impression So it's gone away leaving you in a wreck,
No wise ideas this time, to escape this web
Dissolving within, nothing's wrong on the outside
Try and keep your cool, when you watch your memories collide

You were introduced to something new
A girl, a drug, or an attitude
Suddenly you see yourself being ruled
By the force you once never knew
It seemed so right, the only thing there could be
Would do anything for it, sad it didn't do the same for thee
Wanted to trip on it, but you were it's ride
It had you by the heart, oooo it's hypnotising eyes

You've been taken for a ride or two
Reached a state where there's nothing you can do
It's time to experience the rest that'll come
Definitely not the best to welcome

You were ambushed by the first impression
Cos you didn't wanna wait for the ones that would come
You were ambushed by the first impression
And now you're pointing yourself with a gun!

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