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The Mourning Aftermath Lyrics

The Mourning Aftermath by Mendeed  

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The Mourning Aftermath
Waking in floods of sweat, vision returning, my hearts in overdrive.
I sink so low that hell is heaven, the high is gone I must escape this inner loathing that is my captor.
Without my piece I have fallen to my knees.
Temptation to seek you out.
Fight for what I am.
Nowhere to hide.
I will not accept this downfall, I will cure myself I'm reaching for the strength to break you, reaching for the strength to beat you - Fall onto my sword.
Run with the light of an angel's wing, I'll question unity; I'll suffer no more pain, without you born to be a king and with the strength of warriors of old.
And I shall accept this war within, arise against temptation - I will rise as the morning aftermath attacks, I am no victim - Arise.
No life should be controlled; I will not be the victim of another chemical war.
I am the lord of my life; my fate is shaped by me.
Your call is getting weaker, my will shall always grow.
Erase the misery, look to the future - fell no pain, sculpt my effigy, control my destiny, live my own life - Free.

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