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Time Out Lyrics by MDC


Time Out by MDC

Time out clock now running

Human lemmings crowded hoard
Ever faster to the shore
Ever closing zero ground
Official timer clock is wound

Time out clock's still running

Fault line nukes fucking swell
Terrorist ready to blow us to hell
Machines hurry Ice Age
Richter's gage raging sage

Time out end of quarter
Time out time in
Resume the slaughter
Great Barrier funeral wreath
Dead algae no air to breathe
Ruthless beyond belief
Sanity screams stop thief

Time out end of quarter

Drill and suck the ocean floor
Pump our mother like a whore
Earth once claimed by insects black
I fear in time they'll take it back

(Oh brother good night what a sight)
Hold tight frost bite

Nice what a sight
Slice of the ice
Christ Jesus Christ
Dice sacrifice
Bands half time show
Seconds left to go
We won we're still dead
The game but not the spread

Time out clocks winding
Light's out!!