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Spread The Word Lyrics by MC ZULU


Spread The Word by MC ZULU

Line Up the dissidents, we hereby find you guilty of treason without hard evidence
Point out the agitators, mek we deal with them proper, Illegal message make things hotter

Spread The Word
We've been underground for far too long
Let the people hear what's going on
Start the revolution of the mind, Seize the time

Call the first case!

I hold the Sceptre, I run the kingdom, the power behind the throne
But I'm just the jester, so they said I never could ever try wear the crown,
They want to keep me down

But you know the business, I keep pretending I respect authority
And all the while I run this, I make the rules, and now I'm giving you the policy

Spread The Word

Call the next one he's a big time gangsta!

I heard talk about some youth who want to try get me out
I just raise my hand, it takes one phone call, eliminate them without a doubt
Gun don't descriminate and bullet no call man's name, it's just the youth dem a murder the next one
Damn shame you keep falling into the death plan, inflict the pain with the weapon

You run your mouth in the street and you a talk about "head gone", that means you're
Looking to become the next one, dem can't find no matter where dem search
Real bad man send your widow down to the church
Two Don Man the people tolerate, One spreads love the next one hate
Good standing evil, get eliminate, watch how the citizens celebrate... dem say

Spread The Word

Watch the next one, he's a radical!

Damn fool, could have never tell dem nothing positive, because it's preachy, right?
Well cool, tell dem what dem want to hear, test the borderline you a go dead tonight
War games, peace is not the order, taste the Mac 11 or the.45
Dem never guess about the remedy me give dem just right

Shoot them on site!

When dem ask the question, who made you famous?
Who gave you martyrdom because you rouse the strangers?
Some entertainers run off at the mouth but now they shall remain nameless
Don't ask for none, cause some veterans they're going to push you some
But all you lesser ones, don't talk again unless you're ready fi go bring dat come

Spread The Word

You all get charged for sedition!

Spread The Word

One last request for the prisoner!

You run things so you think you might be
The second coming, we no take that lightly, in fact me know seh Holy Water
BURN the hypocrites who commit the slaughter.

Tie blindfold up, light the cigarette one more trick, I don't know if you see that yet
When you finish the countdown they'r going to shoot down the right clown

Give The Order!