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MC Lyte Lyrics Steady fucking

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Steady fucking

by MC Lyte. Buy album CD: Ain't No Other

[ INTRO: KRS-One ]
You wanna test Lyte?
Are you stupid?
You gotta be out of your fuckin mind!
MC Lyte is THE DON!
Come down, MC Lyte, seen

Dirty bitch, you dirty, dirty bitch...

(Roxanne Shant?is only good for steady fucking) (6x) --> KRS-One
Go, go, go, go...

(You done insulted me
And I got to kick yo ass right now)

[ VERSE 1 ]
So what's up, Big Bahama Mama?
You know where to find me
You could never climb me
So why do you persist
To be placed upon my fuckin hit list
You a low-down dirty loser
Next time I see you, I'ma hit you with my Land Cruiser
You'se a pooh-put, Lyte don't give a fuck
I.U. sayin he laid pipe in that butt?
And in case you didn't know
I been known to fuck up a hoe during a show
So now you wanna play Miss Hardrock
Don't test me, I put up career roadblocks
I heard you're smokin crack, lady
You just had a kid, I guess that makes him a - crack - baby
Whadda ya think?
The 55th nigga you fucked said your poom-poom stink
Slow down, you're movin too fast
The 56th said he stuck a curling iron up that ass
Now you think you're hot shit
Steppin to Lyte with a limp tryin to pop shit
You're still a loser
No joke, when I see you I'ma hit you with the Cruiser

(Set the bitch on fire
Your fucking days are over)

(Roxanne Shant?is only good for steady fucking) (4x)
Go, go, go, go...

[ VERSE 2 ]
>From upstate New York to way Down South
I heard you do a mic-a-check-a with a dick in your mouth
You're ready for the showdown, the low down
Lyte strikes again, another hoe down
Fuckin to you, Shanny, is like a fad
Flippin coins with your mom to see who sucks dad
But wait a second, I heard you're kinda funky
But then again, who's heard of a clean junkie?
How funky of a smell could one woman make?
Yo fellas, I think she need a douche break
(Douche, douche it out - douche break
(Douche, douche it out - douche
(Douche, douche it out - douche break
(Douche, douche it out - douche, douche, douche
(Douche, douche it out - douche break
(Douche, douche it out - I think you need a douche)
Tisk-tisk, what a relief it is
Not to be, not to be, not to be you
Not to be, not to be, not to be you
Or one of those pussy-eatin members of your crew
Cause if your crew was cool, they woulda scooped you
But instead, you let them fool you
Into talkin that bullshit you been talkin
Walkin that stank strut you been walkin
I don't play that, ring around the rosie
Pocket full of posie, red-rum, you dumb, dumb

(We can all be some fightin muthafuckas in here this evening
Bring your ass, nigga, bring it on, come on)

(Roxanne Shant?is only good for steady fucking) (4x)
Go, go, go, go...

[ VERSE 3 ]
Now let's talk about the grill (the grill)
Now let's talk about the grill (the grill)
Now let's talk about that grill (the grill)
We'd all be dead if looks could kill (ugh)
Now let's talk about your teeth
Shits ain't been straight since you was 8
When you bit into a bad piece of beef
And even for a small fee
You let your uncle get one off while you bonced on his fuckin knee
Now what's my fuckin name?
Left you so far behind, you can't get back into the fuckin game
You must like puttin dough in my pocket
Since '86 my career sky-rocket
Where ya at? (Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Ho-ho, hu-hu-hu) - Dumb hoe (Ha-ha-ha)
I got this rap shit locked, sewn, hemmed
While you're hangin from a buddah stem
I do this and that, baby pop, I get residuals
I'm liable to just fuck up you schedule
You'll be sittin on your fat ass another 10 years
Until the coast is clear
So next time they push a rhyme in your hand
You better fully understand who the fuck I am

(At least now we know...)
...It's all about Lyte)

(Roxanne Shant?is only good for steady fucking) (repeat till end)
Go, go, go, go...

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