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Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction Lyrics

Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction by McLusky  

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Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction Liberals on skates.
Pass through park gates.
Zeroes and threes.
Stick together.

Save me altavista they've got cauliflower ears.
Still I haven't seen the sun or moon for twenty-seven years.
She wants to dance on burning bridges.
Making patterns in the snow.
I want to move to Mexico where everyone's a hero.

Goddamnit 'cos everyone's a hero
Praise allah 'cos everyone's a hero
Hail buddha 'cos everyone's a hero
Wash daily 'cos everyone

(repeat from the beginning)

f**k you! 'cos everyone's a hero
f**k you! 'cos everyone's a hero
f**k you! 'cos everyone's a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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