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How Strange It Seems Lyrics

How Strange It Seems by Mccain Edwin  

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How Strange It Seems I'm a hack driver in New York City
I've got seven kids on the lower east side
I'm not a strong man, I'm not very pretty
But in rush hour hell you should see me drive
I'm a dressmaker in Louisiana
Stick my finger ain't that a shame
People come haggle and paw on my artwork
But no two of my dresses are ever the same
How strange it seems to be me if tomorrow I opened my eyes
And found myself somewhere else I wonder who I'd be
I'm the house man at a place called the Exit
The last band I heard bored me to tears
But every so often I hear one that moves me
And love for the music is what keeps me here
Repeat Chorus
I'm a rich man I ain't talking 'bout money
I'm a blues singer at the eight by ten
You go out searching for some grand tomorrow
Don't worry 'bout me just drop by now and then
Repeat Chorus

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