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You are Lyrics

You are by Matt Brouwer  

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You are Hey, runaway fast, get ready to go
Is this my destiny now
To never look back and go it alone
Can’t make up my mind on what to say now
Just trying to please the people
Can’t help what I’m feeling
I’m stuck in myself

I’m going, I’m already gone
I’m going, I’m already gone
I’m fading away

If I could be anything, know anything more
You are, you are the source
Going deeper than the feelings I know
You are, you are

Would You be ashamed, would You call me Your son
If You could only see now
Into my disgrace and what I’ve become
When will I find freedom in living
Why can’t I just let it go
Been holding on for way too long

But I’m going, I’m already gone
Going, I’m already gone
Just let it go

Have You been waiting here long
So long for me to see
That this is where I belong
And everything You are is what I’m wanting to be

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