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Pockets gone stay fat Lyrics by Master P


Pockets gone stay fat by Master P

F/ Magic

**Magic Talking**

I dare one of you say something bout me

Speaking on the wrong niggas ya heard me(come on}

Don't be mad

These niggas hear gonna stay around{come on}

f**k with us if you wanna and see what's gone happen ya hear me

Hook 2x: Magic

Believe tha nigga

These pockets gone stay fat nigga

See me and P go way back ya best stay back

To you hatas muthaf**k this is payback

[Verse One: Magic]

These niggas is hatin we like what ever

We pay no mind to these niggas we out chasin our chedda

and dodge'n this bull sh*t, nigga neva

Close your f**kin mouth is what you pussy niggas betta

We got this in this ??? because we so cleva

and make a mill break me off is how we stay together

I'm doing my own thing but me and P we forevea

Favor for favor we got this sh*t on lock

Keep running your f**king mouth, get your ??? ass back

I go to church straped with a 45 glock

Them niggas be askin but scared to say it to out faces

Cuz we know so many niggas in so many different places ye head me

Hook 2X: Magic

[Verse Two: Master P]

Nigga we thugged together

Sold drugs together

f**ked hoes together

Kicked indo together and

I don't know why you hate me?

Screamin what the f**k have you done for me lately

Only real niggas stand on my block

and home we hustlin and if we hurt than the 9 cock

Neva beef with no niggas you ain't got beef with

Never take care of no hoes you don't sleep with

These streets is real lil daddy so get yo mind right

but if you f**k with mine I got a bag that will act right

Niggas wanna leave the tank act mad but do us ???

but ain't no comin back cuz ain't nobody smile n

Hook 2X: Magic

[Verse Three: Magic]

Hatin get you no where

You niggas better hush

f**kin around with us and get yo ??? ass touched

I don't want bust I wanna bet you down to mush

Cuz you gettin on my nerves plus you talk to much

See Magic from ????????????????

Whip you up quick and send you home to momma cryin

So ???????????? like a whirl like a tornado

5 hundred miles per hour, get rid of all the hatas

You wanna see us fall but you niggas ain't ready

Your music is dull and I'm sharp cuz ????

Compare me to the other niggas and see what you get

The coldest muthaf**k that you've heard check ya hear me

Hook 2X: Magic

**Master P talking**

Now how the f**k the media gonna compare me to a rapper

One of you muthaf**kas make ???

Then ya'll speak on

Nigga know that we from the gutta

We made it to the butta

and that's why they mad at us

Tryin to keep us off MTV

Tryin to keep us out the muthaf**kin public eye

but we street niggas

and we know how to hustle

We gonna always get ours nigga

Believe that