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When It All Comes Down Lyrics

When It All Comes Down by Mastedon  

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When It All Comes Down When I think of all the days that I have left behind,
Moments few and far between keep going through my mind.
A little indecision may have come along the way,
But I've run out of reasons I should run, run away.
When it all comes down to just a single moment…
The decisions that we make, will decide our dying day…
When all is said and done, we're just a speck in all of time
And we must choose to follow You, when it all comes down

A little conversation sure can go a long, long way…
Human desperations can lead us all astray.
A little bit of compassion isn't enough to heal my pain…
When the world keeps crashin' down on me…
Oh, like pourin' rain…


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