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Just the bare necessities - Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen


Just the bare necessities by Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

To pack for camping, there's just two rules
Do we need it? Is it cool?
Here's the stuff that we really need
Just the bare necessities
Hunters dress like Mata Hari
You're going camping, not on a safari
Lederhosen, a pickax and socks
For climbing the Alps
We'll been climbing up rocks
You've got to be kidding
It's a real necessity
Not. Hairdryers need electricity
And what's this?
Frozen dinner. This one's my fav.
And where are you going to find a microwave?
What now? An outfit to wear in case of danger
I'm just a camper, not a park ranger
No more jokes, it's understood
We can be comfy and still look good