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Move On Lyrics

Move On by Mark Owen  

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Move On Ok so now it's over It'll never be the same again The shade has changed it's color The light is shining through you Cause it's over You've got yourself a whole new track The problem aint without it's time for you to face the fact Don't hide under your pout Cause it's over You gotta move on move up, and move through move up, real soon You've gotta move out Nobody knows the sadness that I'm feeling today nobody knows Don't let your efforts go to waste Let go and you'd be daft You've done your time of graft Who said that it was over You've gotta come to terms with it It aint over You've still got seven lives Don't get left in the has been pit it aint over The trier never dies You've gotta move out move up, and move through You gotta move on move up, real soon Don't be afraid to take hold of your reins Don't be afraid to wipe clear your blackened slate

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music