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I got you babe Lyrics

I got you babe by Mario Winans  

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I got you babe [talking]
Sometimes in life
You come across a woman
It's just undeniable
And you searched for her so long
It finally hits you in your face
What did you do

Never knew too much about being in love
But I'm letting you show me
Now I can't do without feeling your touch
Baby, when you hold me

Every day's a holiday, since you came my way baby
It's more than I can say, you'll forever be my babe
(All I want is you babe)

All I wanna do is stay in love with you
What about you babe (what about you baby)
I've got you babe (I've got you baby)
If they ask me, all I want is you (all I want is you)
So can we make this true
What about you babe (oh)
I got you babe (oh)

All I wanna do

Sometimes it feels like it took
A million years for me to be happy (oh, oh, oh)
It's almost like a dream
But you're standing right here
Looking right at me

(Every day's a holiday)
Every day's a holiday, since you came my way baby
(Baby, it's a game I play)
It's more than I can say (more than I can say)
You'll forever be my babe (forever be my babe)
(All I wanna do babe)


I know that this could last forever
(We should last forever, if you'll believe it babe)
If you think we should be together (oh babe)
All I want is you baby


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