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Enough (interlude) Lyrics

Enough (interlude) by Mario Winans  

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Enough (interlude) [Phone rings]

[Girl] Hello

[Mario Winans] Hey yo

[Girl] Hey baby

[Mario Winans] Where are you at man?

[Girl] Huh? I'm on my way home

[Mario Winans] It's 4:30 in the mornin

[Girl] I know i had to drop my girls off

[Mario Winans] Alright be careful

[Girl] Bye]


Yeah girl that was him
I tell him the same thing I always tell him
and it worked again

[Mario Winans] Yo it's still me on the phone (Girl Gasps)

Can't believe that you did it
Oh baby yeah
Can't believe that you did it to me
Oh baby
Luv ya baby

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