May Cause Discoloration Of The Urine Or Feces Lyrics

Marilyn Manson Lyrics May Cause Discoloration Of The Urine Or Feces

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May Cause Discoloration Of The Urine Or Feces

by Marilyn Manson. Buy album CD: Smells Like Children

Marilyn's Grandmother: ...30 this morning.
Marilyn's Mother: I can't hear ya.
Grandmother: I woke at 2:30 this morning with a headache.
Mother: Oh.
Grandmother: I want to take ___, or not?
Mother: I wouldn't take them.
Grandmother: I don't know coz it's coming back now.
Mother: Is it the first time that you took 'em?
Grandmother: Second.
Mother: Yeah.
Grandmother: I had a little bit of a headache this morning.
Mother: I wouldn't take them, mom.
Grandmother: I don't think I might coz I ___ a headache, I take everything I got ____
Mother: All that blood pressure medicine you take, and stuff too, you shouldn't take those things... It's better off not to sleep than to take them.
Grandmother: ________
Mother: Oh my God. No wonder you got a headache, your pressures probably sky high. Why don' gotta take that everyday.
Grandmother: I try to
Mother: Are you crazy?
Grandmother: It's been 3 days.
Mother: That's probably why you have a headache now. Did you take it today?
Grandmother: I took it this morning, yeah.
Mother: That's probably why you have a headache, cuz your pressure's up
Grandmother: Yeah.
Mother: I don't know how you can forget to take it when that's the only pill you take
Grandmother: I take so many pills you'ld be surprised.
Mother: Well, the blood pressure pills the most important one.
Grandmother: Yeah.
Mother: There ain't no other one that's important as that one.
Grandmother: I got one more, then I gotta get to the store got two refills on it.
Mother: You only got one pill?
Grandmother: It only takes one day
Mother: Well, yeah, but you shouldn't let them get that low.
Grandmother: I get _____ to take 2 in the morning and then go get it filled.
Mother: They're expensive. If you have to pay for 'em. Procardia.
Grandmother: Yeah, the other ones.
Mother: Which ones?
Grandmother: I gotta pay for Procardia.
Mother: Were you taking that everyday?
Grandmother: Yeah
Mother: Well that's the blood pressure pill. The heart pill. The Procardia. And what's the other one?
Grandmother: Umm, H-Y-D-R-O-T-O-N.
Mother: Aww, that's something to do with water and ah, blood pressure.
Grandmother: This one says that it is for blood pressure.
Mother: Yeah, well ____ is like a water pill type pressure, but the Procardia is the important one.
Grandmother: Yeah.
Mother: You have to take that everyday.
Grandmother: Yeah.
Mother: You should take that the first thing when you get up.
Grandmother: Yeah, umm...
Mother: Well how come you ain't takin it?
Grandmother: I took it yesterday, the Procardia.
Mother: Well how come you didn't take it today?
Grandmother: I had the headache today.
Mother: That's why you have a headache. You gotta take the Procardia. Take it now. That's what's for your headache. That's to make your blood pressure come down.
Grandmother: Yeah.
Mother: If you don't your gonna, you'll have a stroke if you don't take it. If you gotta a headache that bad your gonna have a stroke.
Grandmother: I had a headache that bad this morning.
Mother: Well you better go take the Procardia right now.
Grandmother: I will. I'll take the one I got.
Mother: You didn't take that other blood pressure pill either?
Grandmother: Yeah. I took it this morning.
Mother: Well, you should take the Procardia right now.
Grandmother: Take the Procardia _______________ get it in the morning...
Mother: Well you...
Grandmother: ____
Mother: Well how has it been since you took the Procardia?
Grandmother: 3 days.
Mother: How many?
Grandmother: 3.
Mother: See, well that's ridiculous. You better go take it right now.
Grandmother: I will.
Mother: Then you'll find out your headache will go away.
Grandmother: Yeah...I'll take it now ____ Procardia ______
Mother: Any other medicine your taking isn't that important. You ain't got nothing but nerve pills. They ain't important.
Grandmother: ______
Mother: Well the nerve pills ain't that important. The blood pressure medicine's important

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