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This Is My Passion Lyrics

This Is My Passion by Margaret Becker  

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This Is My Passion Written on the moon
Promises I spoke to You
Words I meant to keep
Long ago by this light
I swore to stand and fight
But then my words fell asleep
I said what I meant
But I could not stand
This is my passion
Holiness, holiness
This is my cry
Mercy, mercy
This is my passion
Holiness, holiness
Written on the sky
I see Your reply
You say "I stand with the meek"
Oh, please set me free
Chase the night right out of me
Grant me the power of the weak
Cleanse these feeble hands
Give me the strength to stand
I see You standing on the other side
There's still too much of me between You and I
So I wail for wisdom
And I cry for a cure
I need less of me
And I need You more and more

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