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Love Was Waiting Lyrics

Love Was Waiting by Margaret Becker  

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Love Was Waiting There was a time when all the doors were shut tight - And He couldn't break through - Living my life from the inside - Never knew about You - But when we met, I'll never forget - What my heart went through - (Now) Broken chains are all that remain - In an empty room, it's true (that)
Love was waiting was there all the time - Anticipating this heart of mine - Love was waiting would never give up the fight
All of the years that I lived alone selfish - And cold, so cold - I never knew that a love through Him could make me whole - So whole - I can see as He lives in me - That He's faithful, and His love will provide - Cause everytime I felt a need - Down deep inside my life (that)
Love was waiting to stand by my side - There is no maybe what I feel inside - Love was waiting would never give up the fight

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