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Prick Lyrics

Prick by Marble  

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Prick Call it panic or a mistake
I never really thought about what I'd take
Either way, I chose to disregard you

I'm all in a knot, and I guess I messed up
I went from caring to not giving a fuck
And I'll never find a way to say I'm sorry

'cause I could hear you,
And I could see you,
If I could've been here at another time
If I would've said something,
Done something,
Let you in at the time
And now I'm lost out here, astray
I need so badly what I threw away
If you could read my mind, would you even bother?

So I'll just sit here drugged and dumb,
Pretending like I'm having fun
A campfire my remedy for having nothing, nothing better

Now I'm cold, I'm hot
I'm warm, I'm not
I'm heavy, but I'm a feather
I'm high, I'm low
I really don't know
I can't pull myself together

If I would've said something at the time
If I really would've known you
Known me

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