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Au Revoir Lyrics

Au Revoir by Maple Cross  

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Au Revoir Au revoir

Same old formula
1+1 ain't 2 but 4
Restricted way of life
Pathetic fucking moron

Can you feel my anger
I'm gonna hunt you down
Tragic waste of life
You might as well be dead

Com'n don't fight it
What's gonna happen is gonna happen
You know you deserve to die
I promise I won't be gentle
I will always treasure
The agonized look
You had on your face
When I let the life out of you
You had it coming

Hey fuck tell me how do you feel now
Hey fuck I couldn't care any less

Com'n you fucking loser
Don't you feel any better now
You just don't exist anymore
Just like while you were still alive

Au revoir

The only formula
1+1 is 2 not 4

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