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Manic Drive Lyrics Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart

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by Manic Drive. Buy album CD: Reset & Rewind

Next Thursday you're invited to watch Rising Tide's live coverage
Of a gala tribute in salute to Ronald Reagan.
Host Haley Barbour joins special guest lady Margaret
Thatcher in celebrating the former president's 83 birthday.
Ticket's are 1000 Dollars a plate but you can see the event free on GOP TV.

Images of perfection, suntan and napalm
Grenada - Haiti - Poland - Nicaragua
Who shall we choose for our morality
I'm thinking right now of Hollywood tragedy

Big mac: smack: phoenix r: please smile y'all
Cuba, Mexico can't cauterize our discipline
Your idols speak so much of the abyss
Yet your morals only run as deep as the surface

Cool - groovy - morning - fine
(If white)
Tipper Gore was a friend of mine
I love a free country
(told the truth)
The stars and stripes and an apple for mommy
(for one day)

Conservative say: there ain't no black in the union jack
Democrat say: there ain't enough white in the stars and stripes

Compton - Harlem - a pimp fucked a priest
The white man has just found a new moral saviour
Vital stats - how white was their skin
Unimportant - just another inner-city drive-by thing

Morning - fine - serve your first coffee of the day
Real privilege, it will take your problems all away
Number one - the best - no excuse from me
I am here to serve the moral majority

Cool - groovy - morning - fine
(If white)
Tipper Gore was a friend of mine
I love a free country
(told the truth)
The stars and stripes and an apple for mommy
(for one day)

Zapruder the first to masturbate
The world's first taste of crucified grace
And we say: there's not enough black in the union jack
And we say: there's too much white in the stars and stripes

Fuck the Brady bill
Fuck the Brady bill
If God made man they say
Sam Colt made him equal

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Album: Reset & Rewind (2007) Lyrics
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  1. (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell
  2. (I Got) The Fever
  3. A Design For Life
  4. A Vision Of Dead Desire
  5. Addiction
  6. Ain't Going Down
  7. All You Need Is Love
  8. Angel Child
  9. Another Invented Disease
  10. Archives Of Pain
  11. Are Mothers Saints
  12. Automatik Teknicolour
  13. Baby Elian
  14. Be Natural
  15. Been A Son
  16. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
  17. Behave Yourself Baby
  18. Better Let You Know
  19. Better Man
  20. Black Dog On My Shoulder
  21. Black Garden
  22. Black Holes For The Young
  23. Blue
  24. Bored Out Of My Mind
  25. Born To End
  26. Bright Eyes
  27. Bright Eyes (live)
  28. Brown Girl
  29. Buildings For Dead People
  30. Can You Feel It
  31. Can't Hold It
  32. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  33. Carnation
  34. Carry Us All
  35. Change
  36. Charles Windsor
  37. Close My Eyes
  38. Cloudburst
  39. Code Brown
  40. Colour My Life
  41. Comfort Comes
  42. Commemoration And Amnesia
  43. Condemned To Rock 'n' Roll
  44. Crucifix Kiss
  45. Cum On Feel The Noize
  46. D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?
  47. Damn Dog
  48. Dancefloor
  49. Dark Shade Of Grey
  50. Dead Martyrs
  51. Dead Passive
  52. Dead Trees And Traffic Islands
  53. Dead Yankee Drawl
  54. December Mourning
  55. Devils Haircut
  56. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?
  57. Do Angels Die
  58. Donkeys
  59. Door To The River
  60. Drug Drug Druggy
  61. Eleven Regrets
  62. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
  63. Epicentre
  64. Everything Will Be
  65. Faceless Sense Of Void
  66. Fire In My Soul
  67. First Republic
  68. Flashbax
  69. Forever Delayed
  70. Freedom Of Speech Won't Feed My Children
  71. Full On
  72. Further Away
  73. Generation Terrorists
  74. Get Me A Shot
  75. Groundhog Days
  76. Hanging On
  77. Happy Ending
  78. Heroes
  79. Hibernation
  80. His Last Painting
  81. Hope
  82. I Don't Need Anyone
  83. I Want To Be A Cholo
  84. I Will Believe
  85. I Will Show You
  86. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
  87. I'm Not Working
  88. I'm Only Sleeping
  89. Idler's Dream
  90. If You Tolerate This
  91. Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfa
  92. Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart
  93. Inertia Creeps
  94. Interiors
  95. Interiors (Song For Willem De Kooning)
  96. Intravenous Agnostic
  97. It's A Crime
  98. It's All Gone
  99. It's Better People
  100. It's So Easy
  101. Jam Out
  102. Jet Muchacho
  103. Judge Yourself
  104. Just A Kid
  105. Just Can't Be Happy
  106. Just Getting Older
  107. Keep It Coming
  108. L-O-V-E
  109. La Tristesse Durera
  110. La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A High) (Sunday Social Remix) (Formerly "vocal Mix")
  111. Last Christmas
  112. Last Christmas (live)
  113. Last Exit On Yesterday
  114. Let Forever Be
  115. Life Becoming A Landslide
  116. Life In Vain
  117. Litany
  118. Lopez
  119. Love Me And Leave Me
  120. Love Torn Us Under
  121. Love's Sweet Exile
  122. Masking Tape
  123. Mausoleum
  124. Medley
  125. Menudo Morning Nightmare
  126. Merry Xmas Everyone
  127. Methadone Pretty
  128. Miss Europa Disco Dancer
  129. Mommy's Little Cholo
  130. Mommy's Little Cholo (Mommy's Little Monster)
  131. Montana/autumn/78
  132. Motown Junk
  133. Mr. Carbohydrate
  134. Must Be The Music
  135. My Generation
  136. My Guernica
  137. My Homeboy Is A Joto
  138. My Little Empire
  139. My Sister Lover
  140. Natwest-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds
  141. Never Want Again
  142. New Art Riot
  143. No-One Knows What It's Like To Be Me
  144. Nobody Loved You
  145. Nostalgic Pushead
  146. Obvious
  147. Ocean Spray
  148. Of Walking Abortion
  149. One Way Road
  150. Out Of Time
  151. Out Of Time (Chris Farlowe)
  152. P. C. P.
  153. Patrick Bateman
  154. Penny Royalty (session)
  155. Picturesque
  156. Poem
  157. Prologue To History
  158. Pushin' Me
  159. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  160. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Burt Bacharach)
  161. Razorblade Beat
  162. Removables
  163. Repeat
  164. Repeat (Stars And Stripes)
  165. Ride The Storm
  166. Rock And Roll Music
  167. Roses In The Hospital
  168. Royal Correspondent
  169. Rp Mcmurphy
  170. Rudy Cholo
  171. Rudy Cholo (Ruby Soho)
  172. S.Y.M.M.
  173. Sculpture Of Man
  174. See The Sun
  175. Sepia
  176. Setting Sun
  177. She Turned Into The Llorona
  178. Shout It Out Loud
  179. Slash N' Burn
  180. Sleepflower
  181. Snakebyte
  182. So Why So Sad
  183. Socialist Serenade
  184. Some Kind Of Bliss
  185. Sorrow 16
  186. Soul Contamination
  187. Spectators Of Suicide
  188. Starlover
  189. Stay Beautiful
  190. Stay With Me
  191. Stay With Me (live 1994)
  192. Strip It Down
  193. Suicide Alley
  194. Suicide Is Painless
  195. Supersonicwaves (Coke N' Smoke)
  196. Take The Skinheads Bowling
  197. Teenage 20/20
  198. Tennessee
  199. Teotihuacan
  200. The Ballad Of The Bangkok Novotel
  201. The Convalescent
  202. The Drowners
  203. The Drowners (live 1994)
  204. The End
  205. The Everlasting
  206. The Girl Who Wanted To Be God
  207. The Intense Humming Of Evil
  208. The Inventor
  209. The Masses Against The Classes
  210. The Year Of Purification
  211. Theme From MASH
  212. There By The Grace Of God
  213. This Girl's Got Nothing
  214. This Is Yesterday
  215. Tijuana Affair
  216. Tijuana Must Fall (Underground Babylon)
  217. Too Cold Here
  218. Train In Vain
  219. Train In Vain (live)
  220. Tsunami
  221. Uncle Chato's Garden
  222. Uncle Chato's Garden (Atomic Garden)
  223. Under My Wheels
  224. Unstopable Salvation
  225. Us Against You
  226. Valley Boy
  227. Velocity Girl
  228. Velocity Girl (Primal Scream)
  229. Waiting For Today To Happen
  230. Wattsville Blues
  231. We Are All Bourgeois Now
  232. We Are All Bourgeois Now (McCarthy)
  233. We Her Majesty's Prisoners
  234. Welcome To Paramount
  235. What's My Name
  236. What's My Name (live)
  237. When The Hammer Comes Down
  238. Wrote For Luck
  239. Yes
  240. You Love Us
  241. You're Tender And You're Tired
  242. Yourself


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