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Alien Existence - Make Up Your Mind


Alien Existence by Make Up Your Mind

If Aliens existed,
Would we be able to communicate at all.
And if they’re really out there,
They should be smart to ignore us when we call.
It looks like we’re not happy, with the way we live
And what we posses right now.
Cause why would we be searching,
For a new hype that will satisfy somehow.
An evidence for existence is written in a book
I started to read a while ago.
About a place we all call heaven,
Where we could only dream of, for as far as we know.
If something else is out there,
Why do we hesitate to search an answer now.
Cause all we need is love and faith
And all we need is hope.
Cause we, we believe in Jesus Christ.
Who owns the answers to the question of our lives.
The only One to turn to.
When you feel that you’re out there on your own.
This is what we stand for.
And we want everyone to know.
That questions all have answers.
But sometimes not, not for us to know.