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We Got It Sewn Lyrics

We Got It Sewn by Maestro  

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We Got It Sewn [Maestro]
This joint over here is dedicated to all the single mommys
All the single mommys worldwide, this is for y'all
Maestro, just hold your head
For real, check this sh*t out

You're a black Mona Lisa named Tanisha
Bonafide features
Aires' my sign, you're a libre
Got my open on your Etheopian attitude
Your body queen of the empire, I feel your fire
Your eyes are hazel, and everytime that your perform graze my nasal
I wanna french kiss your naval
Got the joint I wanna put a lock on, box I wanna knock on
Give me a finger one time, I'll put a rock on
I used to dick many, I stick plenty
Now I sit back, relax, cool out
And meditate on a life I never thought of before
You got me open, look what's happenin'
Ill thoughts are vanishin'
I'm managin' to formulate goals and plans
Plus I know your daughter love me
'Cause everytime I leave your crib she wanna hug me
But don't sweat it, I'll treat her like my own
You're not alone, let's build a home
I'm in the zone

[Chorus: Jason Simmons]
We got it sewn, baby
We got it sewn
You're never alone
'Cause we got it sewn

You make me wanna effervess when I hit your treasure chest
Never fess, finish college though, boo
Just one semester left
And they'll never be a cuter nurse, that's how I feel
It's me and you against the universe, you know the deal
I represent the land, you represent the water
Motivated by your strength, plus the way you raise your daughter
(on the real) She's a part of me, 'cause she's a party of you
To start a family, is what I wanna do
Alot of niggas can get a single mother stressed
Get the child attatched, then the brothers wanna jet
You know my repitoire, I'll never leave you
'Cause you're top-notch
Just like the cutie that my pops got
I hold it down with your crib still
I taught your daughter how to read and plus I'll help you keep your fridge
So study hard, I got your back, you're not alone
Let's build a home, I'm in the zone


[Jason Simmons]
I'll be the shoulder you can cry on
I'll always be around
No need to worry 'bout a thing
I'll never let you down
We got it sewn

I never met a greater dime, you were made to shine
Single motherhood ain't easy, but you keep your state of mind
A special friend to me, your ebony shell is heavenly
Your pedigree, your feminity is givin' me energy
To make a flyer plan, movin' to a higher land
f**k walkin' behind, boo, you walk beside your man
That's what the others say, but you got another way
Don't get out of bed, sweetheart, happy mothers day
You know the deal, I got your back, you're not alone
We got it sewn, Let's build a home
I'm in the zone

All the single mommys, just hold your head
Mr. Maes' signing out now


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