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Madvillain Lyrics Money Comes And Goes

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Money Comes And Goes

by Madvillain. Buy album CD: Stones Throw: 10 Years

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Get money, make money
Why's it always got to be about some money
Ha, ha, ha, ha
Cause I was born to have it
You satisfied

[Chorus 2X]
In my life, money comes and goes
Money comes and goes
Even when it's movin' slow
I ain't afraid to spend it cause it comes and goes

[Verse 1: Ma$e]
See the charm is global, the ice on my arm is oval
Money stacked in the back like it's Barnes and Noble
I know a girl Colorado, half of mulatto
Said I was hollow till I bought her a Murado
Some call me Ma$e and some call me Dolla
Some came to hate and some came to holla
Followed by a mode,l I ain't even cop a bottle
See me GP and I ain't even hit the throttle
Mansion not listed, y'all got me twisted
Only young boys shop at the district
I hop out of big things rocky wristed
Now everybody thinking I'm domestic
Uh, grown mine, I need to chrome mine
Y'all go lease, I need to own mine
I stay so fresh I need my own line
So if money involved I need a hundred for mine


[Verse 2: Ma$e]
I know the pros and the cons to the smoking dons
See I'm laid in the shade to the Boca rotund
And people wanna beat me with they open arms
But could it be my Rolls or my frozen arm
I'm like whoa man, mind I remember, I fear no man
Put chicks on the floor like a slow jam
With God on my side I fear no man, I'm deprogrammed
It's like I don't really care what another man think
Love to spend many so I understand
Money in the bank so I understand
Excuse me miss your standin' on my mink
My rock so big it jams up the sink
You can't call me sissy cause my whole hand pink
Enough ice in this to make a man blink
You think I care about what he think
Here we go


[Verse 3: Ma$e]
Now you be the middle man, I'ma be the money man
This flow right here, I know you don't understand
Power to get wealth, part of the covenant
I'm not your man, don't front me about your government
Y'all do it y'all way, I'ma do it God's way
Forget the house I put a million on the driveway
Clothes every spendin' winnin' dressed up in funny linen
Grinnin' while I spendin' givin' to men and women
Oh we back we cool we friends again
And we gonna get some lunch
Oh we back we cool we friends again
And you ain't seen me in sixty months
I know how you stunt, I'm hard to distort
You know my face so it's hard to resort
Garage, lookin' like a rob report
House, one hole away from a golf resort


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