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With Excellence... Lyrics

With Excellence... by Mactätus  

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With Excellence... Dark Wisdom Profound
A Neverending Maze of Disillusion
Your Excellence is passed down to you
By Thy Elders
With Excellence : Attack!
Conquer the Darkest Void
The Prologue of Hell
As your Forthcoming Illusion
Tremendous Pain brings you to Silence
Let the Transcending Heirs embrace you
Thriving the Ultimate Wisdom
With Excellence - Inhale Aggression
Exhale Anger - with Ecstasy
Experiencing Norse Brutality
An Ambiguous Vision
Of Severe Clinical Massacre
Submit Forthwind
Blacken the Blood of their Descendants
Crush and obliterate your Eternal Enemy
(Your Pride is lost
in the Chamber of Whores)
With the Sweetest Excellence:

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