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Complexity in vain - Mactatus


Complexity in vain by Mactatus

RIPPING YOUR Heart and Soul out
Your Existence becomes a Narrow Path
Madness becomes you
Behold the Wicked Torch of Emptiness
Travelling with Sanity
A Fierce Companion
Till Death does you apart
Screaming Hatred
Tenfold the Compassion
Scar the Vain of Thickest Blood
Your own Blood that won't prevail
Struggling Aeons
Transforms Ascending Nightglaze
The Hellish Eclipse
Dark Art Rabid King
Lupus Origin Raging Deathwish
Behold the Lust and Envy of Man
The Undivine Might of Sadness
Bleeding the Soars of others
[Lyrics by GAUT '99]
[Music by MACTATUS]