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Still callin' me

by Mac. Buy album CD: World War III

(Phone conversation between Mac and a girl)

Mac: Wassup girl? What's happenin with ya?
Girl: Nothing
Mac: Chillin huh?
Girl: Yeah
Mac: Well look, you know why I called you over here huh?
Girl: Why?
Mac: You know what's happenin'. You ain't gotta be shy.
Girl: What's happenin' with you?

Verse 1:

Yo Yo Yo
Arriving at my back door, silk dress hit the floor
second time around she want more, I got it instore
Jazz flowin' in the back drop, I hit the jackpot
She went to yellin' Mac stop,
But that's a contradiction, I can feel it in your friction
Your finger nails full of my skin, but it's a sin,
cause everything good is bad for ya
In the sheets, nothing but heat,
Satisfing you, you satisfy me, it's like the exstacy speaks
and I dont wanna end it,
it's kinda cool how are bodies blended, a third time is recommend
but you my woman so it's no guilt, we lay between the silk chillin'
it's over but we still trippin' off the feelin'
I'm a soldier, so I hold ya, them three words is what I told ya,
you smiled and tell me about the next time you coming over
See your mind is what I'm really sexin',
your body just a source of erection, and plus I use protection
You never worry about the chicks approaching me at my show,
I be polite but you know I aint really scoping them hoes
You never with another nigga cause you be with me,
and that's the way is supposed to be,
I got you in mind when you ain't close to me
and that's love.

Chorus -1: (Sons of Funk, (Ms. Peaches) x2

You would like to go war with me
Cause I can hear that pussy callin' me
Inside your love is where I wanna be
(Would you like to come inside of my life?)

Verse 2:

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Check it
You think about Mac between blinks,
rub your hand through my kink, and tell me how your day went
Us againist the world, me and you girl
go together like diamonds and pearl, a camoflague and war
I met ya through this chick I'm cool with so you gotta be real
and I can tell through the way that we chill
I can deal with cha, be real with cha, as we rise and shine,
spending time like a 3 to 9
We in the park in the dark reminsicing and shit, kissing and shit,
actin like stress aint existing and shit
And uh, I hit the cat I ain't know how to act,
spary painted on the wall so-and-so love Mac
(ha, ha)And that's love

Chorus -2 (Ms. Peaches)

Would you like to go to war with me?
I can hear your body callin' me
between my hips is where you wanna be
Would you like to come inside of my life?
Would you like to come inside of my life?

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