Can u love me? (eyes of a killer) Lyrics

Mac Lyrics Can u love me? (eyes of a killer)

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Can u love me? (eyes of a killer)

by Mac. Buy album CD: World War III

Tell me why, Somethings make it hard to smile,
momma tell me can you love a child,
I got the eyes of a killer (x2)

So what you mean when you 14 and your life is a bitch.
That'll only fuck the rich, what, poor folks die holding they dicks?
Never to achieve, only to grieve, so why we cry when they leave?
Is it happiness like we were taught to believe?
Is it hell for us, something like eternal jail for us?
I feel for us, cause my niggas 'll kill for us.
Do God love killers, Do God love thieves?
Would God forgive a man who murder to feed his seed?
If I'm a rebel tell the ghetto my story, the whole truth.
The revelation we can never avoid it like a toll booth
And I will never turn my back on the struggle, I'm still a soldier
But it's only right, I'll put up my fight and when it's over say...

Hook (x2)

Look in my eyes and tell me if you see a bright future.
Or just the anger of a stranger that might shoot you.
In so many words, I wish that I could change the way we was raised.
We portray slaves, but got enough nerve to hate the gays
Maybe I never understood life for what it's worth.
I never liked church, but I hate the streets and doing my dirt
But I'm not no hethen, cause I know without believing.
Will I fall short your glory for some fucked up reason?
And they told me not to question you, where those your words?
Or was that something man made up, to calm my nerves?
What if I didn't want forever, tell me where will I go?
I'm not that killer I just wanted to know.
You feeling me?

Hook (x2)

These are the words of my niggas who came round to save they life
For going through this shit that I speak every day and night
My auntie told me I had eyes of a killer.
And everytime I take a look in my mirror,
her observation I see clearer.
I can remember, it was back in December of 88'.
I was coming home from school late, So I took a walk through the park
Right before it got dark,
and I was trying to make it home before the dark start.
But you won't believe what I seen.
I seen some niggas, and they lady teasing,
I saw blood, and I seen the weapon.
And I was hearing the scream.
When them niggas noticed me,
I broke cause I'd just witnessed a killing.
And from that day on my mind has been gone look, you feeling me?

Baby, momma loves you

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