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Sadness And Strength Lyrics by Lykathea Aflame


Sadness And Strength by Lykathea Aflame

You have pierced me, human being,
It wasn't for the first time and I believe it wasn't for the last time.
You even don't know it
But so often you are shedding my blood,
Frequently I do not have the strength for you.
Then I retire into my palace veiled
In the morning vesture of apathy.
Still I haven't found inside of you
What I am looking for a long time.
Silently I just beg this wasn't phantasm...
How much more shedded blood and tears is
Awaiting before my soul comes home?
The eyes of mine sow the wistful
Longing on the firmament.
I will give you mercy... even I am bleeding
Mercy and sympathy... the arms of the strong and longing ones.
When I advance on my way... I'll begin to pray for you.