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Cops Up Lyrics

Cops Up by Lyfe Jennings  

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Cops Up Ay yo you

Still locked at the hoodest spot
Still no security, Still got a swagga like muh pops
Still water run deep when that coke is cheap
but when that price goes soft get ya surf boards out
still got a little pimp in me from muh past
still got some lil cousins that'a beat yo ass
Yo im the only dude that you know burn the block up
so why the hell i gotta call the cops up.
Shawty is so amazing, bodies bangin, convorsation
My heart is racin you know what im sayin
YA bodies toned up look at those big thighs
Grandmama musta been feedin you right
shake it to the left mama shake it to the right

Somebody call the cops up, lil mama done stole my heart
shes makin me fall in love shes not gonna give it up
Somebody call the cops up somebody call 911
Tell em i been shot threw the heart a grown man and i cant get up
Somebody call the cops up

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music