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Soul Drain - Loud Family


Soul Drain by Loud Family

There was nothing up our sleeve
Raised our glasses
Took the classes
Till we honestly believed
Came with flowers
Stayed for hours
Took it all the way to bed
Pat and Vanna
Joe Montana
All the Star Search rage, we said it was a good game
We shrugged and played along
We gave our glad endorsement
But now it just seems wrong
Cry the cold rain
Down the soul drain
It's that special time of year
Find a snowstorm
I might get warm
'Cause the weather's worse in here
Grab the ice tongs
Sing the fight songs
'Cause my finger's off the pulse
Tea with Donald
Lunch with Ronald
I was not myself, I was a good accomplice
An ideal go-between
I stood up under torture
But now I'm coming clean