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Lords Of Acid Lyrics

Lords Of Acid List of Lyrics

Album: Gimme Gimme (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Greatest Tits (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Farstucker (2001) Lyrics
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Album: Lover/Let'S Get High (2000) Lyrics
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  1. Let's get high - me and mickey in the place to be
  2. Let's get high - one voice of god mix
  3. Let's get high - rob swift reach out and touch the
  4. Lover - cut the cake mix
  5. Lover - kmfdm cake mix
Album: Am I Sexy? (1999) Lyrics
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  1. Am i sexy? - dj harold & scuzzy's can't walk right
  2. Am i sexy? - if you have to ask, it ain't workt...
  3. Am i sexy? - oliver's french tickler mix
  4. Am i sexy? - superstar 69 mix
  5. Am i sexy? - yes, mistress nikkie, may i have anot
Album: Expand Your Head (1999) Lyrics
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Album: Heaven Is An Orgasm (1999) Lyrics
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Album: Pussy (1998) Lyrics
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  1. Box banger
  2. Dj hatald's 3pm dub
  3. Khan & adams 12 mix
  4. Pussy
  5. The power is mine in your hand mix
  6. We want some
  7. We want some more
Album: Our Little Secret (1997) Lyrics
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Album: Do What You Wanna Do (1995) Lyrics
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Album: The Crablouse (Variation On A Species) (1994) Lyrics
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  1. Don't kill for love
  2. Joey's nothing can kill it
  3. Joey's sample to the lab
  4. Joey's the seven year itch
  5. Ludo's coming even harder
  6. Ludo's it's there to stay
  7. Ludo's no visible symptoms
  8. Roli's cured by muscle
  9. Roli's the body is our destiny
  10. The crablouse in its natural environment (album mi
  11. Whatever you do remain calm
Album: Voodoo-U (1994) Lyrics
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Album: I Must Increase My Bust (1992) Lyrics
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  1. I must increase my bust (44 dd vocal dub)
  2. I must increase my bust (busted again... the lp mi
  3. I must increase my bust (detroit hardcore mix)
  4. I must increase my bust (distortion mix)
  5. I must increase my bust (mno remix)
  6. I must increase my bust (noise mix)
  7. I must increase my bust (rock n' rave mix)
  8. I must increase my bust (the lord's like 'em large
Album: Rough Sex (1992) Lyrics
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Album: Lust (1991) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. Get Up And Jam (Bonus Track)
  2. Horror Movie
  3. Lady Marmalade (Hidden Track)
  4. Venus
  5. Heaven is an Orgasm
  6. Lust
  7. Our Little Secret
  8. A treatise on the practical methods whereby one can, worship the lords
  9. Get up and jam
  10. I sit on acid (soulwax remix)
  11. She and mr. jones (uncensored version)
  12. Abc's of kinky sex
  13. The Crablouse (Ludo's 'it's There To Stay')
  14. Let's Get High (Rob Swift - One Voice Of God Mix)
  15. Pussy (Box Banger - No Frills)
  16. Lover (Kmfdm - Cut The Cake Mix)
  17. Lady Marmalade
  18. Pussy (We Want Some)
  19. Pussy (Disco D's 'ultra Buff Luv Muff' Mix)
  20. Scrood Bi U (Hush Scroo All Ya'll Mix)
  21. Let's Get High (Rob Swift - Me And Mickey In The Place To Be Mix)
  22. I Sit On Acid (1996)
  23. Scrood Bi U (Hush's Scroo All Ya'll Instrumental)
  24. I Sit On Acid (Instrumental)
  25. Rubber Doll (Do You Mind If We Dance Wif Yo Dates? Mix)
  26. Hey Ho! (Soft Mix)
  27. Hey Ho! (Instrumental)
  28. Rubber Doll (Latex Love Bazaar)
  29. The Crablouse (Joey's 'the Seven Year Itch')
  30. The Crablouse (Whatever You Do, Remain Calm)
  31. The Crablouse (Roli's 'the Body Is Our Destiny')
  32. Am I Sexy? (Yes, Mistress Nikkie May I Have Another? Mix)
  33. Scrood Bi U (Radio Mix)
  34. Rubber Doll (Doing It To Death Shortstyle)
  35. Pussy (Dj Assault's 'i Love Pussy' Mix)
  36. The Crablouse (The Crablouse In Its Native Enviroment)
  37. I Sit On Acid 2000
  38. Lucy's F*ck*ng Sky (Weed Don' Need No F*ck*ng Sky Kompressor Mix By Nytq)
  39. Pussy (The Power Is Mine "in Your H&" Mix)
  40. Take Control (Radio Version)
  41. Rubber Doll (My, But You're A Fine One)
  42. The Crablouse (Ludo's 'coming Even Harder')
  43. Hey Ho! (Heavy Mix)
  44. Pussy (Box Banger)
  45. Pussy (Dj Assault's 'hit It Hard Hit It Quick' Mix)
  46. I Sit On Acid (2000 Soulwax Remix)
  47. The Crablouse (Joey's 'sample To The Lab')
  48. I Sit On Acid ('95)
  49. Lover Boy / Lover Girl (B[eat Me Up] Mix By Ming & Fs)
  50. Paris France
  51. The Crablouse (Joey's 'nothing Can Kill It')
  52. Let's Get High (Rob Swift Remix)
  53. Am I Sexy? (If You Have To Ask It Ain't Workt In Year Mix)
  54. Pussy (Dj Herald's 3Pm Dub)
  55. Let's Get High (Rob Swift - Reach Out And Touch The Sky Mix)
  56. Rubber Doll (I Love It When You Squeak)
  57. Sex Bomb Baby (Live)
  58. For Grown Ups
  59. Rubber Doll (Pucker Up Sweetie And Blow Me Up Gently Mix)
  60. Lover Boy / Lover Girl (Special Blend Mix)
  61. Scrood Bi U (Radio Edit)
  62. Pussy (We Want Some More)
  63. Pussy (Lp Version)
  64. Pussy (Dj Assault's 'hard'n Quick' Instrumental)
  65. The Crablouse (Roli's 'cured By Muscle')
  66. Am I Sexy? (Dj Harold And Scuzzy's Can't Walk Right Now Mix)
  67. Take Control (Instrumental)
  68. She And Mrs. Jones
  69. The Crablouse (Ludo's 'no Visible Symptoms')
  70. Lucy's F*ck*ng Sky (John And Paul Tell It All Mix)
  71. Mr. Machoman