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CD Album  To Beast Or Not To (2013)
CD Album  Babez For Breakfast (2010)
CD Album  Deadache (2008)
CD Album  The Arockalypse (2006)
CD Album  The Monster Show (2005)
CD Album  The Monsterican Dream (2004)
CD Album  Get Heavy (2002)
CD Album  Other Songs B - B
Album: To Beast Or Not To (2013) Lyrics
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  1. (A Treatise On The Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship The Lords
  2. (Concerto For) Me And Myself
  3. A Ride With Satan's Little Helpers
  4. Acid Queen
  5. Am I Sexy?
  6. Am I Sexy? (Dj Harold And Scuzzy's Can't Walk Right Now Mix)
  7. Am I Sexy? (If You Have To Ask It Ain't Workt In Year Mix)
  8. Am I Sexy? (Oliver's French Tickler Mix)
  9. Am I Sexy? (Superstar 69 Mix)
  10. Am I Sexy? (Yes, Mistress Nikkie May I Have Another? Mix)
  11. Apocalypso
  12. As I Am
  13. Bad Timing
  14. Battle Of The Living Dead
  15. Behold A Pale Horse
  16. Blowing Up Your Mind
  17. Candy For The Cannibal
  18. Children Of The King
  19. Crablouse
  20. Cybersex
  21. Cybersex (Scherzo)
  22. Dark Lover Rising
  23. Deep Sexy Space
  24. Deep Sexy Space (Chorale)
  25. Dirty Willy
  26. Do What Thou Wilt
  27. Do What You Wanna Do
  28. Do What You Wanna Do (Carl Says 'do It Boy' Mix)
  29. Do What You Wanna Do (D.O.'s Pleasure & Pain Mix)
  30. Do What You Wanna Do (Jade & Khan Erotic Mix)
  31. Doggie Tom
  32. Doggie Tom (Overture)
  33. Don't Kill For Love
  34. Don't Worry Children
  35. Drink My Honey
  36. Eat Your Heart Out
  37. Father
  38. Feed My Hungry Soul
  39. Feel So Alive
  40. Fingerlickin' Good
  41. For Grown Ups
  42. Fresh Flesh
  43. Get Up And Get High
  44. Get Up And Jam
  45. Get Up And Jam (Bonus Track)
  46. Gimme Gimme
  47. Gimme Gimme (Carl S. Johanson Swings His Thing Mix)
  48. Gimme Gimme (Erhan's The One Mix)
  49. Glad I'm Not God
  50. Golgotha (The Place Of The Skull)
  51. Happy New Fear
  52. Heaven Is An Orgasm
  53. Hey Ho!
  54. Hey Ho! (Heavy Mix)
  55. Hey Ho! (Instrumental)
  56. Hey Ho! (Soft Mix)
  57. Holy War
  58. Horrifiction
  59. Horror Movie
  60. I Like It
  61. I Luv Ugly
  62. I Must Increase My Bust
  63. I Must Increase My Bust (Detroit Hardcore Mix)
  64. I Never Believed
  65. I Sit On Acid
  66. I Sit On Acid ('95)
  67. I Sit On Acid (1996)
  68. I Sit On Acid (2000 Soulwax Remix)
  69. I Sit On Acid (God Lives Underwater Mix)
  70. I Sit On Acid (Instrumental)
  71. I Sit On Acid (Mickey Blotter Mix)
  72. I Sit On Acid (Original Mix)
  73. I Sit On Acid (Original)
  74. I Sit On Acid (Remix)
  75. I Sit On Acid (Satan On The 'cibes Mix)
  76. I Sit On Acid (soulwax Remix)
  77. I Sit On Acid 2000
  78. I'm The Best
  79. In Peace He Comes Again
  80. Johnny Too Bad
  81. Kiss Eternal
  82. Kiss Of Death
  83. L'il Boys Play With Dolls
  84. Lady Marmalade
  85. Lady Marmalade (Hidden Track)
  86. Lessons In Love
  87. Let's Get High
  88. Let's Get High (Reach Out And Touch The Sky Mix)
  89. Let's Get High (Rob Swift - Me And Mickey In The Place To Be Mix)
  90. Let's Get High (Rob Swift - One Voice Of God Mix)
  91. Let's Get High (Rob Swift - Reach Out And Touch The Sky Mix)
  92. Let's Get High (Rob Swift Remix)
  93. Lick My Chakra
  94. Livin' On Livin'
  95. Lords On 45
  96. Lost Archangel (The Adversary)
  97. Lover
  98. Lover (Cake Mix)
  99. Lover (Kmfdm - Cake Mix)
  100. Lover (Kmfdm - Cut The Cake Mix)
  101. Lover Boy / Lover Girl
  102. Lover Boy / Lover Girl (B[eat Me Up] Mix By Ming & Fs)
  103. Lover Boy / Lover Girl (Special Blend Mix)
  104. Lover Cantata
  105. Lsd = Truth
  106. Lsd = Truth (Solo)
  107. Lucy's F*ck*ng Sky
  108. Lucy's F*ck*ng Sky (John And Paul Tell It All Mix)
  109. Lucy's F*ck*ng Sky (Weed Don' Need No F*ck*ng Sky Kompressor Mix By Nytq)
  110. Lust
  111. Man's Best Friend
  112. Marijuana In Your Brain
  113. Marijuana In Your Brain (Dope Smokin Mix)
  114. Mary Queen Of Slots
  115. Me And Myself
  116. Mister Machoman
  117. Mixed Emotions
  118. Murder Style
  119. My Kingdom Come
  120. My Name Is Man
  121. New Church
  122. Open Your Eyes
  123. Orchestral Sinsations
  124. Our Little Secret
  125. Out Comes The Evil
  126. Pain And Pleasure Concerto
  127. Paris France
  128. Portobello
  129. Praise The Lords
  130. Pretty Baby Scream
  131. Pump My Body To The Top
  132. Pussy
  133. Pussy (Box Banger - No Frills)
  134. Pussy (Box Banger)
  135. Pussy (Disco D's 'ultra Buff Luv Muff' Mix)
  136. Pussy (Dj Assault's 'hard'n Quick' Instrumental)
  137. Pussy (Dj Assault's 'hit It Hard Hit It Quick' Mix)
  138. Pussy (Dj Assault's 'i Love Pussy' Mix)
  139. Pussy (Dj Herald's 3Pm Dub)
  140. Pussy (Lp Version)
  141. Pussy (Pussymphony Ii)
  142. Pussy (Round)
  143. Pussy (The Power Is Mine "in Your H&" Mix)
  144. Pussy (We Want Some More)
  145. Pussy (We Want Some)
  146. Revelation Xix
  147. Robot Love
  148. Rough Sex
  149. Rough Sex (Beltram Bondage Mix)
  150. Rough Sex (Beltram Dirty Dub)
  151. Rough Sex (Beltram Whip Mix)
  152. Rough Sex (The All Night Grinder Mix)
  153. Rough Sex (Whip Mix)
  154. Rover Take Over
  155. Rubber Doll
  156. Rubber Doll (Back Off! The Bitch Is Mine)
  157. Rubber Doll (Do You Mind If We Dance Wif Yo Dates? Mix)
  158. Rubber Doll (Doing It To Death Shortstyle)
  159. Rubber Doll (I Love It When You Squeak)
  160. Rubber Doll (Latex Love Bazaar)
  161. Rubber Doll (My, But You're A Fine One)
  162. Rubber Doll (Pucker Up Sweetie And Blow Me Up Gently Mix)
  163. Rubber Doll Opus
  164. Russian Roulette
  165. SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic
  166. Schizo Doll
  167. Scrood Bi U
  168. Scrood Bi U (Hush Scroo All Ya'll Mix)
  169. Scrood Bi U (Hush's Scroo All Ya'll Instrumental)
  170. Scrood Bi U (Radio Edit)
  171. Scrood Bi U (Radio Mix)
  172. Sex Bomb
  173. Sex Bomb Baby (Live)
  174. She And Mr Jones - Uncensored
  175. She And Mr. Jones
  176. She And Mr. Jones (uncensored Version)
  177. She And Mrs. Jones
  178. Sincerely With Love
  179. Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
  180. Slave To Love
  181. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  182. Spacy Bitch
  183. Spank My Booty
  184. Spank My Booty (Paddles And Whipped Cream Mix)
  185. Spank My Booty (Reprise)
  186. Special Moments
  187. Stay Awake
  188. Stripper
  189. Stygian Passage
  190. Superstar
  191. Surfin Hedge-hog
  192. Surfin Muncheez
  193. Take Control
  194. Take Control (Instrumental)
  195. Take Control (Radio Version)
  196. Take Control (Remix)
  197. Take Off
  198. The Abcs Of Kinky Sex
  199. The Crablouse (Joey's 'nothing Can Kill It')
  200. The Crablouse (Joey's 'sample To The Lab')
  201. The Crablouse (Joey's 'the Seven Year Itch')
  202. The Crablouse (Ludo's 'coming Even Harder')
  203. The Crablouse (Ludo's 'it's There To Stay')
  204. The Crablouse (Ludo's 'no Visible Symptoms')
  205. The Crablouse (Roli's 'cured By Muscle')
  206. The Crablouse (Roli's 'the Body Is Our Destiny')
  207. The Crablouse (The Crablouse In Its Native Enviroment)
  208. The Crablouse (Van Acker Mix)
  209. The Crablouse (Whatever You Do, Remain Calm)
  210. The Dude
  211. The Method To My Madness
  212. The Mirror
  213. The Most Wonderful Girl
  214. The Night Is Calling
  215. The Power Is Mine
  216. The Power Is Mine (Coda)
  217. The Real Thing
  218. The Riff
  219. The Seducer
  220. The Wet Dream
  221. Undress And Possess
  222. Venus
  223. Voodoo-U
  224. War In Heaven
  225. We're Not Bad For The Kids
  226. When Blood Runs Cold
  227. Who Do You Think You Are?
  228. Winds Of Thor
  229. Worship The Lords
  230. You Belong To Me
  231. You Belong To Me (Theme)
  232. Young Boys
  233. Young Boys Go To Studio 54

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