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by Lootpack. Buy album CD: Soundpieces: Da Antidote!

[wild child]
My new years resolution: persist to end all wack mc confusion
To break mc's in half, there rhymes be like illusion
My conclusion, lootpack's the group that cause likwit fusion
Brothers mic check 1 but can't get with 2's and
I take levels of the treble, embrace the bass
And grab a hold of the steel and come face to face
Silly mortals, coming through portals yabbin' at the lip
Even if their ass was asian, they still couldn't flip
Some old lyrical, my spiritual rhymes be physical
Kickin' metaphorical, my style's historical
It's better for a cool brother to say he saw me in an article
I hear wack rumors, but yo, it's hard to cool wild child down
I don't clown, I just come forth kicking that lootpack sound
I give props with my likwit crew mc's I rock with
I unlock styles like locksmith


Never am I weededed
"i don't have to smoke..."
Yeah, weededed
Every time you say a freestyle, you must be weededed
I never needed it
"i don't have to smoke a blunt to get pepped up"

[wild child]
First off, lootpack set it off to wreck ya band
The only smoke you ever see wild child get be second hand
I've ignored non-freestylin' mc's, they get me bored
My exhibit shows I'm the rhythmic dyslexic lord
Wild child, known to most people as cracker jack
Your style got no flav like licorice that be black
I'm offending when I start bending men
Coming forth with 100% adrenaline
It's not my fault when I come with hip hop from my heart
I get pissed when wack mc's step up and test my art
Props to cdp crew's, east/west respect
My style or i'mma get your tape and push eject, 'cause we


Yo an mc who gets weededed
Every time you say a freestyle, you must be weededed
I never needed it
"i don't have to smoke a blunt to get pepped up"
Ask yourself when you weededed
Are you an mc who gets weededed?
Only a true mc, unless your ass is weededed
I never needed it

"hello" hey yo, hey yo, hey yo mr. herb
"yes that's my name son, what's the word? "
Come through to my studio so you can enhance my verb
"all right" chill with me, lounge with me, make rhymes tight
"now you've been rapping for a week? "
Yes yes, I'm overnight "uh huh"
This is a mind state most wack mc's be in
Thinking they can smoke a blunt once and become an mc
The way I see things you'll see things clearly
Making quotes like lootpack rocks yearly
Mr. herb, "yes", I need your opinion my mind's a blur
"hey yo, smoke with me and I'll make your rhyme's slur"
How's that? "i'll call my homeboy, his nickname's sherm"
"he'll fill you in, before you know your memory's short term"
"and you'll be like", I can crunch any mc's
And I have the illest case of munchies so please keep, "right"
Doing what you're doin, enhancin' my vocalision
The only time I see you is with infrared vision
Bacause i'm...


Are you an mc who gets weededed?
Every time you say a freestyle, you must be weededed
I never needed it
"i don't have to smoke a blunt to get pepped up"
Ask yourself one time when you weededed
All you wack mc's who get weededed
Every time you say a freestyle, you be weededed
I never needed it
"i don't have to smoke a blunt to get pepped up"

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Album: Soundpieces: Da Antidote! (1999) Lyrics
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