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Mercy & Grandeur - Lonewolf


Mercy & Grandeur by Lonewolf

Look around you, hear the screams
of the millions fall in time
see their sorrows, feel their pain
it`s hard to bear this mind
You ask yourself where God is now
and why the Lord has left our side
going back to our roots
again you`ll feel His might
Refrain: Look to the sky, there`s a moment to find
when the Lord shows His mercy & grandeur
Don`t lose your faith in our God and His grace
`cause His kingdom will come by the return of His son
time will come
Look around you, see the dreams
of the millions lost their faith
see their hope and feel their fears
yearning for another place
Answers you`ll find everywhere
join your soul and find your heart
His promises will become true
no longer we`ll be apart