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Like You Lyrics by Lonewolf


Like You by Lonewolf

You, you are still the same
You, you are the one to blame
you make me wanna shout, you make me wanna cry
you`re driving in your car while other people die
you`re hiding in your job, sayin`" That`s other men`s work"
but you ain`t see nothing,, so come on, shut up, Sir

Refrain: Hey, Mister, can`t you see, this world is goin`down
from once a point so high to the new point on the ground
so come on, let us change together, oh, come on it`s true
this world is falling down with people like you

You, you are a boring man
You, you are a destroyed can
you`re working for a house, with a garden so nice
you`re working for a car and a family, what`s the price
other people die with a feeling and a heart
you are a thing-lovig man with no guts for a new start