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Torgak's Speech Lyrics

Torgak's Speech by Logar's Diary  

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Torgak's Speech You know why I called you, it's not very hard to guess
You are responsible for the latest evil mess
I see you don't deny the demon was awakened by you
So first I do acknowledge you're confessing what is true

An unholy beast
Makes my land shiver hard
Who has it released
Must tear out it's heart
You wanted nothing bad
But have caused fear and pain
Go and regain the past
So peace can remain

Let's get back to our new-born problem we have now
Do you see a way to free us from this deadly beast somehow
I notice you will face the danger without doubt and fear
Be assured that I will send you help if needed near

Go now, fulfil your work, I'll help you where I can
Goodbye, my friends

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