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Gestalt Lyrics by Loch Vostok


Gestalt by Loch Vostok

Touch me with your fingertips
Can you feel my pulse?
Trembling like an aspen leaf
So scared can hardly breath
Like screams from the past
Penetrates my dream
I'm awake still I see...
Silhouettes recognised
They march in the night
Away from the light
This is not the other side
This is where they come to hide
Cold shivers down your spine, inside
Feeling like you were going to die
Ein gestalt, inside your mind?
Ein gestalt, a different kind
Ein gestalt, left behind, the forgotten
Everyone a different fate
Left here in limbonic state
The cries in the night
The shadows on the walls
Just wind and rain?
Is this just going on
Inside my head
Or am I the one who's dead?