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Into Thy Gentle Embrace Lyrics

Into Thy Gentle Embrace by L'âme Immortelle  

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Into Thy Gentle Embrace
From the steel torn world - an abyss of hate
From the world outside - where hate rules the minds
From walls of intolerance - live on the surface
Of feelings untold - where tears have no shape
I flee
Into thy gentle embrace
Which guards you
Which guards me
My last resort
In my darkest hour (x2)
From masks people wear - to save them
Fall and scar them - from their life's short time
From swallowed pain - kept deep inside
Needs to be released - and dies
Into thy gentle embrace
That dries your tears
That dries my tears
That gives me strength
To live on (x2)
From nights darker than black - inflicted by my mind
I am blind - sorrow I bear
From bright colours - that hide the lies
From the bold odours - as time flies
From the steel torn world - from walls of intolerance
From maks people wear - from swallowed pain
From nights darker than black - from bright colours
I return
Into thy gentle embrace
Where flesh is gone
Where only you exist
Where senses are pure (x2)
Into thy gentle embrace
Where no lies exist
Where I found my fate
I die

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