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Buckle Down Winsocki Lyrics

Buckle Down Winsocki by Liza Minnelli  

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Buckle Down Winsocki Buckle down, Winsocki, buckle down
You can win, Winsocki, if you knuckle down
It you don't give in, take it on the chin
You are bound to win, if you will only
Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck
Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buckle down

I've been away from you a long time
I never thought that I could wait a minute
No, wait a minute

Oh, it's very nice, honestly look it's, it's very nice
I said it's very nice but to tell the truth
I really feel I'm getting in a jam
And besides as a great poet, lawyer
Jerry Herman once said, "I am what I am"

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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