Now I Know Why You Wanna Hate Me Lyrics

Limp Bizkit Lyrics Now I Know Why You Wanna Hate Me

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Now I Know Why You Wanna Hate Me

by Limp Bizkit. Buy album CD: Other Songs N - WH

All the tension in the world today
All the little girls fillin up the world today
With the good comes the bad the bad comes the good
But im gonna live a life like I should ( like I should)
Now all the critics wanna hit it
To shit-can how we did it
just Because they donít get it
But Iíll stay fitted
new era I committed
Now this red cap
Gets a wrap from his critics

Do we always gotta cry? (gotta cry)
Do we always gotta live inside a lie (inside a lie)
Life's just a blast
When it's Movin really fast
Better stay on top of life
or life will kick you in the ass

Follow me into a solo
Remember that, kid
So what you wanna do?
and where you gonna run
When your starin down the cable
of a mic pointed at your grill like a gun
Limp Bizkit is rockin the set
Its like Russian Roulette
When your placin' your bet
So donít be upset
when you're broke
And you're done
Cuz im gonna be the one
'till I jet

I know why you wanna hate me
I know why you wanna hate me
I know why you wanna hate me
Cuz hate is all that the world has even seen lately
now I know why you wanna hate me (x4)

Does anybody really know the secret
Or the combination for this life and where to keep it
Its kinda sad when you donít know the meaning
But everything happens for a reason (for a reason)
I donít even know what I should say
Cuz im an idiot, a loser, microphone abuser
I analyze every second I exist
Beating on my mind every second with my fist

Everybody wanna run (wanna run)
Everybody wanna hide from the gun (hide from the gun)
You can take this rap through this life if you want
But you can't take the edge off the knife (no sir)
And now you want your money back (money back)
But your denied cuz your brains fried from the sack
And there aint nothing I can do
Cuz life is a lesson you learn it when your through

I know why you wanna hate me
I know why you wanna hate me
I know why you wanna hate me
Cuz hate is all the world has even seen lately(x4)

(Now I know why..) x4

Now I know why you wanna hate me (x2)
Cuz hate is all the world has even seen lately(x2)

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