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Lil' Wayne Lyrics Ambitions As A Rider

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Ambitions As A Rider

by Lil' Wayne. Buy album CD: Other Songs 1 - MON

Money, Money, money
Get a dollor and a dick
Weezy Baby that crack motherfucker
Get a fix
Got money out the ass
No homo but I'm rich
About to

Money, Money, money
Get a dollor and a dick
Weezy Baby that crack motherfucker
Get a fix got money out the ass
No homo but I'm rich
About to
Money, Money, money
Get a dollor and a dick
Weezy Baby that crack motherfucker
Get a fix
Got money out the ass
No homo but I'm rich
About to go get surgery
And put some dimonds in my wrist
Yes, yup, I'm a motherfuckin trip
I'm a trip to Japan and some brand new shit
Nine hundred to a gram
Get you twenty eight grams
If you talkin about bricks
I'm the inter-state man
And the women say damn
But them niggas don't say a damn thing
Man I bet that shorty make you bounce
Like a bed spring
Walk in a thin line
Gotta defend my and with no pen
I'm sort of like a bomb, boom
Young toon, yeah that's what my people call me
50, 000 for the cross
Tryin to keep the reaper off me
I drink a lot of syrup, bitches say I'm sleep walkin
Big money for the grill
So I'm never cheap talkin
Yeah, keep talkin and the flame'll leap off the hip
And keep sparkin pap pap, sleep softly
Nap nap napsack 340 like fuck another nigga
Nigga just don't be the target
Young new orleans nigga
Nigga just don't be retarded

We done lost everything
And you lookin like a bargin
Purple weed, purple drink, purple heart sargeant
I'm the best rapper in the game, no arguing
And I don't ever write, pause
I'm pausin, so kepp your bitch ass lines
Inside the margin. Lil Wayne dot com, bitch log in
Put a pillow under ya knees and keep ya jaws in
All in your girl's mouth, use her like a toilet
They usally want a baller and the young nigga ballin
Mike Jordan, parten my swaggy
But my father rich as fuck
And all my brothers left the family
We said fuck it bought two houses in Miami
I can't wait till' the cribs MTV come get at me
Any rapper wanna get at me, tell your label contact me
That's four hundred for a feature, in a battle I'll beat you
I'm a beast, I'm a creature, I'm the son of Ms. Cita
Ma Dooks, ma Jeeta, she the reason she the reason
Every woman wanna be the boy diva, not even
There's a 305 dime I wanted even since I seen her
Gotta topic of the scene of hotter that in a tub streamin
Gotcha girlfriend dreamin of one day bein Trina
Not a sim seemer 10 keys in the Beamer
Got a white girl drivin, couldn't do it much cleaner
I'm fly in the shy like that motherfuckin ribbon
Bitches got my name on them and a nigga still livin
Spend a condo in the club, 1 bottle won't do,
2 bottles won't do, 4 bottles for the whole crew
And bring me that patron, I don't play
No ice, I like my drinks straight not gay
And bitch that bank come every day, I'm paid
I wish a nigga come and they get sprayed
I'll stamp a nigga out like I got ten legs
Then they fich a nigga up out the lake in ten days...
Behave no hoe, I'm on that rage for Cash Money
Young Money hoe that money age oh
And can't a cage hold this animal from Holly Grove
Sorry mommy, I be stoned, I be, I be, I be blowed
Got me copy rock star, Weezy Baby, fuck these souls
Gotta pay me now for me to even touch these hoes
Price raisin for the insurin the flow
So eitha Drama is my nigga or that boy got dough
Go figure that's my nigga, that's my nigga, my nerves
If anybody eles want it that's 60 thousand a verse

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