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Those Who Talk (2000 Remix)

by Lil Mama. Buy album CD: Voice Of The Young People

Why must it be like this all of the time time
I feel like I'm I'm going out of my mind mind
Someone stop me nuh-huh nuh-huh leave me alone
In a class of my own, ladies wanna, simon they wanna bone
Creased up with the lone that's how I leave my home
Twenty three, a pelon ready to die for vocal tones
My boots were make for stomping while by beats were made for bumping
Ain't no fronting, always into something, no miss you can't tell me nothing
My mind is something you can bet that I won't let nothing get in my way
Lil' Rob here to stay, but it won't stay this way
That's what you say, ok, pone, orale, orale, hurry up
Do what you gotta do so that you can pass me
You tried Plan A it didn't work, time for Plan B
Or maybe it just can't be, you're trying to be just like me
It strikes me in the bod, you don't give a shit about Lil' Rob

Can it be I be the only one that knows the rules
All these fools keep yapping, wanna meet their end too
Can it, can it be I be the only one that knows the rules
All these fools keep yapping, wanna meet their end too
Can it, can it be I be the only one that knows the rules
All these fools keep yapping, wanna meet their end too
But it won't happen, those who know don't talk and those who talk don't know

Why must it be like this everyday
'cause everyday it's the same old way
Hey dog you hear the story, comes with the territory
Now homey break it down for me, here's my testimony
Little vato gets some fame, people starting to know his name
Now everybody wants to know what varrio does he claim
Because he's got the new shit, the true shit, not the bullshit
Got his finger on the trigger and he's not afraid to pull it
Twenty three with the bullet, oh miss you need to cool it
Call it quits, 'cause I fight back like David Hobowitz
I got the wits to make the hits and rush a fool just like a bitch
Lil' Rob caught up in the mix with my flips
Make it last long just like a flick, got many flows so take your pick
Got more tricks than a magician
Fuck with me? Homey keep on wishing
It's that vato that you keep on dissing
Stop, look and listen


Why must it be like this every night
The dogs bark loud but it's the quiet dog that bites
What does it take for me to make everything happening
I got more bounce than a trampoline
What you telling me, that you loved me just like family
I'm not buying whatever it is your selling me
You're killing me with your jealousy and fantasy
Take you where you want to be then abandon me
What you handing me temporary insanity
Never understanding me, Goddamning me, adjusting the fucking man in me
But I won't let your plan succeed
Frantic situation but I cannot frantically
It seems like practically everybody is out to get me
Or is it just me hallucinating, tripping over the things that I see?
You gotta be kidding me, homey who told you so?
Those who know don't talk and those who talk don't know


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Album: Voice Of The Young People (2007) Lyrics
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